MOVIESTARPLANET.COM likes to offer some reviews on current and popular games. We play all the games ourselves and look at it from different angles. We look at the graphics, strategies, enjoyability, challenges, safety, reliability, etc. We rate the games based on these factors and more and come up with a final score and description. All games that are reviewed are played and rated by at least four of our team members. We also look at existing reviews and see if we agree or not.

Not everyone likes the same type of games, so we are sure that you will disagree with some of our opinions. Power to you! You are entitled to your opinion and we will have ours. Feel free to comment and share your own experiences and thoughts. You can also let us know if there are any specific games you would like our opinion in.

Movie Star Planet

Rating: 3/5

Movie Star Planet is aimed at children aged 8 to 15. It gives you the opportunity to become a superstar and create your own world and be famous. Gameplay is enjoyable, but many safety concerns have been raised by parents. The game in itself is good and fun, but the security and handling of dangerous situations with children have brought down the rating. Our children must be safe.

Dragon City

Rating: 4/5

We quite enjoy this game. It gets frustrating at times when you have to wait for resources, but in general, we quite like it. We also found some good hacks on the website. No serious safety concerns. You connect with people you know through Facebook only. Graphics are good and they have new challenges and adventures on a regular basis.

We will share new reviews in a few weeks. Let us know what you think of these games.