Fortnite Update: This new weapon freezes players’ blood in their veins

Season six of the Epic Games shooter Fortnite is in full swing and is already offering the first updates – including a weapon that will get players cold.

Since last week, Fortnite fans have been enjoying the new Epic Games shooter season. 100 levels and over 100 rewards await Battle Royale fans – and patch notes 6.01 also bring some cool updates.
Fortnite update from 05.10.18: How to use the Freezetrap

First, there’s a new weapon that players can access in Battle Royale mode. It’s called an ice-cream and, as the name suggests, it freezes the feet of your opponents. In the meantime, you can run away.

Players can find the weapon in piles of 3 in treasure chests, stock deliveries, vending machines, or on the floor.

In “Save the World” mode, however, the Motor Hammer has now been added to the weekly shop. Each hit makes the weapon move faster – on top of that, the jump attack allows you to target your enemies, deal damage, and knock down nearby enemies as well. The Motor Hammer is available until Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 2am CEST.

Fortnite update from 19.09.2018: The Taschenburg looks like this

The latest consumable after the update 5.41 is the pocket castle, which replaces the previous pocket fortress. It works exactly the same, but is a bit bigger and more imposing than the fortress. That’s why it should be of particular interest for teams.

Beside the Taschenburg there is also a new item for the playground: The Stachelstadion. Here the developers want to see the creativity of their team. It can be created from nothing and is full of spiked traps. You can find the stadium in the red stock deliveries.

In addition, there is now the temporary game mode “Höhenrausch Solo”, which is a classic Battle Royal. With the jump button, gliders can be opened again when falling from great heights.

Fortnite update from 13.09.2018: New weapon available – with one hook

The new content update V.5.40 of the Epic Games shooter Fortnite has caused horror for many players – suddenly the popular Drum Gun was simply removed from the game.

Instead, there’s now a silenced assault rifle, described by the developer as a sneaky weapon that rewards trigger control with precision. It can be found in vending machines, treasure chests, supplies or simply on the ground. There are 32 to 33 damage points per shot.


Nevertheless, the mourning for the drum rifle is great. After all, it was extremely effective for the medium range and shone with a good fire rate. Probably it was removed because it was too strong and other weapons in the game hardly got a chance to shine. For the time being it’s in the vault – but that doesn’t mean it won’t come back later.