Fortnite: Free V Bucks Hacks – What’s behind it and does it work?

So-called “Free V Buck” hacks are very popular with the current Free2Play hit Fortnite. They circulate regularly on YouTube and there in rough quantities. The hacks for free V-Bucks are now in the crosshairs. What’s behind it and what does developer Epic say about it?


This is what the Free V Buck Hacks at Fortnite promise: The Hacks promise the player free V-Bucks. This is the premium currency for Fortnite. You can guarantee enormous sums, especially via video ads on YouTube, which can be transferred simply by filling out a survey or downloading an app. In Germany, too, there are sites that even offer “anti-ban protection” – as nice of them.

Websites are already warning about scams

Some websites which do giveaways with v-bucks and other stuff are already warning about this problem. One dedicated site even gives a internet safety course about online scams during the v-buck giveaway. Other sources, like for example even Epic themselves, warn about generators.

Do Hacks actually work?

Does this work? No, that’s not working. The pages you end up on are fraudulent. You should enter your data somewhere or download an app. The one who directs you to these pages collects money for it, or does God knows what with the data. There are many hackers on the road at Fortnite, as you know. But you never get the promised V-Bucks, you are only guided from one survey to the next.

YouTube V-Bucks

But you see videos where it works. They’re fake. Probably the high upvote numbers of the videos are also faked. It is possible to buy lots of Likes on YouTube without any problems. There is a real industry around these “Free V Bucks” hacks.

Hacks play with the criminal energy of the often young Fortnite players

Why do so many click on these fake videos? Fortnite has a relatively young target group that is not yet as accustomed to these mechanisms of the Internet as experienced users. The videos play with the idea: That really works, but people say they’re fake, because Epic doesn’t want the Free V buck hacks to go around. You’re playing with the criminal energy of the users.


The simple proof: If someone could generate V-Bucks, he would be hollow to turn this service into money in such a cumbersome way. He would simply sell the V-Bucks via eBay and not via funny polls.


YouTube must be having trouble recognizing these scam videos


Then why can you see these videos on YouTube? The Polygon page has investigated this. The site refers to an anonymous source. The videos promoting such hacks are not “listed.” This avoids the YouTube check. However, these videos can still be used as ads in circulation. They brazenly advertise with the picture of the Fortnite-YouTubers Ali-A (cover picture).


Also, YouTube seems to be avoiding the review of the individual videos. However, YouTube denies this and refers to an “AI” that is investigating this and is getting better and better. In addition, one has highly-qualified specialists, who examine contents.


What does Epic itself say? Epic expressly warns against these “hacks.” There is no way to give away or get V-Bucks except in the shop of Fortnite or to earn them in-game. Even if you raffle V-Buck with honest intention, you can only give away gift cards. But no one can “refer” a V-Bucks in any form.