That’s why “How to train your dragon 3” will look better than the competition

Computer-animated films from the big Hollywood studios such as Disney or Universal always show off technically impressive images. But not every one of these films has what “how to train your dragon 3” has: Oscar winner Roger Deakins.

Pixar, Disney, Universal and others – computer-animated feature films for the whole family have long since established themselves as a guarantee of success in the dream factory. Works like “Vaiana” are also great films, but fans and purists alike always look at the technical quality of the animations. In this respect, the Hollywood contributions of the genre play in the absolute Champions League of what is possible and not surprisingly, the production budgets are often correspondingly high – a lot of computing power just squanders a lot of money. “how to train your dragon 3” should not only look formidable in its level of detail. The Oscar winner Roger Deakins stands for his name for the impressive camera movements and spectacular pictures.

Deakins’ craft

Deakins is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished cameramen in the world and has been nominated 14 times for the Oscar. And after it looked as if he would never hold the coveted trophy in his hands again, he was finally rewarded with the award for his work on “Blade Runner 2049” at the beginning of 2018. After the first two parts of “how to train your dragon 3” he worked again as a “visual consultant”.

“He was very excited that we could finally do the things he wanted for us in the past thanks to the latest technologies,” explained producer Brad Lewis in an exclusive interview. Thanks to new lighting and rendering programs, he was now in a position to bring in his style of camera work with all its lighting peculiarities and subtleties even better than before. “We were able to use his ultimate artistry as well as his opinions.”

Better with Roger

According to Lewis, Deakins found out again and again during the production what director Dean DeBlois really had in mind and also made his suggestions based on scenes and sequences that were shown to him at an early stage. “There were just so many things he got out of the movie at moments when we all thought, ‘We don’t have the right balance or focus here,’ and Roger was the one who told us how it worked. And aesthetically, everything is much better than it would have been without him.”

“how to train your dragon 3” also seems to have something to offer the connoisseur of the finest cinematic staging. The movie will release on the 7 February 2019.