That’s why “How to train your dragon 3” will look better than the competition

Computer-animated films from the big Hollywood studios such as Disney or Universal always show off technically impressive images. But not every one of these films has what “how to train your dragon 3” has: Oscar winner Roger Deakins.

Pixar, Disney, Universal and others – computer-animated feature films for the whole family have long since established themselves as a guarantee of success in the dream factory. Works like “Vaiana” are also great films, but fans and purists alike always look at the technical quality of the animations. In this respect, the Hollywood contributions of the genre play in the absolute Champions League of what is possible and not surprisingly, the production budgets are often correspondingly high – a lot of computing power just squanders a lot of money. “how to train your dragon 3” should not only look formidable in its level of detail. The Oscar winner Roger Deakins stands for his name for the impressive camera movements and spectacular pictures.

Deakins’ craft

Deakins is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished cameramen in the world and has been nominated 14 times for the Oscar. And after it looked as if he would never hold the coveted trophy in his hands again, he was finally rewarded with the award for his work on “Blade Runner 2049” at the beginning of 2018. After the first two parts of “how to train your dragon 3” he worked again as a “visual consultant”.

“He was very excited that we could finally do the things he wanted for us in the past thanks to the latest technologies,” explained producer Brad Lewis in an exclusive interview. Thanks to new lighting and rendering programs, he was now in a position to bring in his style of camera work with all its lighting peculiarities and subtleties even better than before. “We were able to use his ultimate artistry as well as his opinions.”

Better with Roger

According to Lewis, Deakins found out again and again during the production what director Dean DeBlois really had in mind and also made his suggestions based on scenes and sequences that were shown to him at an early stage. “There were just so many things he got out of the movie at moments when we all thought, ‘We don’t have the right balance or focus here,’ and Roger was the one who told us how it worked. And aesthetically, everything is much better than it would have been without him.”

“how to train your dragon 3” also seems to have something to offer the connoisseur of the finest cinematic staging. The movie will release on the 7 February 2019.

Fortnite Update: This new weapon freezes players’ blood in their veins

Season six of the Epic Games shooter Fortnite is in full swing and is already offering the first updates – including a weapon that will get players cold.

Since last week, Fortnite fans have been enjoying the new Epic Games shooter season. 100 levels and over 100 rewards await Battle Royale fans – and patch notes 6.01 also bring some cool updates.
Fortnite update from 05.10.18: How to use the Freezetrap

First, there’s a new weapon that players can access in Battle Royale mode. It’s called an ice-cream and, as the name suggests, it freezes the feet of your opponents. In the meantime, you can run away.

Players can find the weapon in piles of 3 in treasure chests, stock deliveries, vending machines, or on the floor.

In “Save the World” mode, however, the Motor Hammer has now been added to the weekly shop. Each hit makes the weapon move faster – on top of that, the jump attack allows you to target your enemies, deal damage, and knock down nearby enemies as well. The Motor Hammer is available until Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 2am CEST.

Fortnite update from 19.09.2018: The Taschenburg looks like this

The latest consumable after the update 5.41 is the pocket castle, which replaces the previous pocket fortress. It works exactly the same, but is a bit bigger and more imposing than the fortress. That’s why it should be of particular interest for teams.

Beside the Taschenburg there is also a new item for the playground: The Stachelstadion. Here the developers want to see the creativity of their team. It can be created from nothing and is full of spiked traps. You can find the stadium in the red stock deliveries.

In addition, there is now the temporary game mode “Höhenrausch Solo”, which is a classic Battle Royal. With the jump button, gliders can be opened again when falling from great heights.

Fortnite update from 13.09.2018: New weapon available – with one hook

The new content update V.5.40 of the Epic Games shooter Fortnite has caused horror for many players – suddenly the popular Drum Gun was simply removed from the game.

Instead, there’s now a silenced assault rifle, described by the developer as a sneaky weapon that rewards trigger control with precision. It can be found in vending machines, treasure chests, supplies or simply on the ground. There are 32 to 33 damage points per shot.


Nevertheless, the mourning for the drum rifle is great. After all, it was extremely effective for the medium range and shone with a good fire rate. Probably it was removed because it was too strong and other weapons in the game hardly got a chance to shine. For the time being it’s in the vault – but that doesn’t mean it won’t come back later.

WOW: Figures of the most successful month published

The Epic Games team has set another record with Fortnite. The last month brought the highest number of players so far – and they really have it in them.

Epic Games’ Battle Royale title Fortnite was more successful than ever in August. Official figures have now been published in a blog entry on the official website.

As many as 78.3 million players were on Fortnite’s servers last month. This number refers to all platforms for which Fortnite is available. Season 6 is just around the corner and the developers are currently working on further improvements. The focus here is on the Skirmish mode, which recently had to struggle with deficiencies in performance and monitoring functions. In the coming weeks more details about the changes of the Skirmish mode will follow.

Fortnite is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. The Battle Royale version can be downloaded and played for free.


free v-bucks

Fortnite: Free V Bucks Hacks – What’s behind it and does it work?

So-called “Free V Buck” hacks are very popular with the current Free2Play hit Fortnite. They circulate regularly on YouTube and there in rough quantities. The hacks for free V-Bucks are now in the crosshairs. What’s behind it and what does developer Epic say about it?


This is what the Free V Buck Hacks at Fortnite promise: The Hacks promise the player free V-Bucks. This is the premium currency for Fortnite. You can guarantee enormous sums, especially via video ads on YouTube, which can be transferred simply by filling out a survey or downloading an app. In Germany, too, there are sites that even offer “anti-ban protection” – as nice of them.

Websites are already warning about scams

Some websites which do giveaways with v-bucks and other stuff are already warning about this problem. One dedicated site even gives a internet safety course about online scams during the v-buck giveaway. Other sources, like for example even Epic themselves, warn about generators.

Do Hacks actually work?

Does this work? No, that’s not working. The pages you end up on are fraudulent. You should enter your data somewhere or download an app. The one who directs you to these pages collects money for it, or does God knows what with the data. There are many hackers on the road at Fortnite, as you know. But you never get the promised V-Bucks, you are only guided from one survey to the next.

YouTube V-Bucks

But you see videos where it works. They’re fake. Probably the high upvote numbers of the videos are also faked. It is possible to buy lots of Likes on YouTube without any problems. There is a real industry around these “Free V Bucks” hacks.

Hacks play with the criminal energy of the often young Fortnite players

Why do so many click on these fake videos? Fortnite has a relatively young target group that is not yet as accustomed to these mechanisms of the Internet as experienced users. The videos play with the idea: That really works, but people say they’re fake, because Epic doesn’t want the Free V buck hacks to go around. You’re playing with the criminal energy of the users.


The simple proof: If someone could generate V-Bucks, he would be hollow to turn this service into money in such a cumbersome way. He would simply sell the V-Bucks via eBay and not via funny polls.


YouTube must be having trouble recognizing these scam videos


Then why can you see these videos on YouTube? The Polygon page has investigated this. The site refers to an anonymous source. The videos promoting such hacks are not “listed.” This avoids the YouTube check. However, these videos can still be used as ads in circulation. They brazenly advertise with the picture of the Fortnite-YouTubers Ali-A (cover picture).


Also, YouTube seems to be avoiding the review of the individual videos. However, YouTube denies this and refers to an “AI” that is investigating this and is getting better and better. In addition, one has highly-qualified specialists, who examine contents.


What does Epic itself say? Epic expressly warns against these “hacks.” There is no way to give away or get V-Bucks except in the shop of Fortnite or to earn them in-game. Even if you raffle V-Buck with honest intention, you can only give away gift cards. But no one can “refer” a V-Bucks in any form.


Top Game Cheat Code Websites

Gamers from all around turn to cheat codes at one point or another. Whether it is to beat an unbeatable boss or to get to higher levels faster, cheat codes are in demand. Several sites have taken it upon themselves to help out the gaming community by making these cheat codes easier to access. We have made a list of the top game cheat code sites.

CheatCodes – is one of the most popular sites to find game cheat codes. The site has been around since the 90s and has codes for almost every platform and game you can think of. If you want to find some cheat codes, this is probably the best place to start.

Cheat Happens – This is a site that focuses on PC related games and daily tips. You will also find wallpapers, reviews, game guides, and message boards that can help you play better. You will find cheat codes and PC trainers as they are developed. There are different kinds of memberships available. Obviously, the premium members get better perks like first access to new trainers.

Super Cheats – SuperCheats has been around since 1999 and is easy to use. Its codes and walkthroughs are grouped according to the platform and it includes cheats for PS3 to SNES. They offer different lists like ‘Most Popular’ or ‘Latest’ to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

GameWinners – If you are still playing on older platforms or playing older games, this the site for you to find cheat codes. They offer codes for several different platforms including older classic gaming platforms. You will find the hints library and cheat codes very helpful.

Game Cheats – This site may not be as comprehensive as some of the others, but it still has codes for 13000 games. They share the most popular cheats for these games and cover different games from the classics to the newest and latest. There are player forums that will also assist you in learning new tricks.

We are sure that you will find what you are looking for on one of these sites. Happy gaming!

Video Games: Smashing the Bad Rap and Showing the Benefits

Several studies have been done on how television and different kinds of video games affect children. For a while, people freaked out about the negative effects and how it is a terrible thing that is making kids lazy and monsters. Today, there are many studies that show that this is not the whole truth. As with all things, playing video games, PC games, online games, etc., has benefits. It has cognitive benefits for children that can make them function and learn better. Here are some of these cognitive benefits:

Treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye) – Amblyopia is a condition that can develop in childhood where one eye becomes ‘lazy’ and potentially non-functional. Experiments were conducted where kids and adults with this condition were asked to play video games. They all showed excellent improvement in the impaired eye and for many function was improved immensely or completely restored. There are even newer gamining mice that are lloking to help the medical benefits of game playing. You can see some reviews and more ingo here…

Treatment of dyslexia – Dyslexia can be very frustrating for kids. It has been shown that kids who played video games regularly, showed improvement in test scores and reading ability. Some say that video games may be a better treatment approach than existing dyslexia-aimed programs.

Better spatial awareness and attention – Video games has been found to improve the ability to locate objects quickly even with distractions. This is often part of the objective of a game and it helps to improve spatial attention. Good spatial attention leads to good drivers.

Improved multi-tasking – Video games often require players to focus on different things all at once and doing different tasks all at once. This ability is carried over into real life and is a very handy skill to have.

Improves or slows mental decline – With old age comes a slower mind. However, older people who play video games have shown results of mental improvement and the reversal of decline. The elderly who played these games were much more alert, had better memories, and sharp cognitive functions.

From these benefits, it should be clear that there are two sides to the effects of video games. In moderation, these games can help your kids develop better mental capabilities.

4 Tips on Becoming a Popular Player in Movie Star Planet

Movie Star Planet is a popular social platform-based online game. The object is to become a popular movie star and make movies. It is sort of a mix between Facebook and a normal online game. To do well in the game, you need to become popular and continually level up. To do this, you need to do a few things to help improve your status and your look. Here are our tips for becoming popular:

1. Save up your Starcoins

Starcoins are your currency in Movie Star Planet. You can use it to buy clothes, backgrounds, items, etc. You can buy Starcoins with real money if you want, but for kids playing the game, that may not be an option.

2. You have to look the part

First off, you should try and make the outfits you buy, match. Changing colors will help and mixing and matching with style, will get you far. You need to also be careful with your choice of eyes. Avoid the cat eyes or cartoon eyes – rather go with a more expensive pair. Choose your skin tone and don’t change it. Match your nose and lips according to what you like to complete the picture.

3. Your friends can help you

Most people don’t like it when they continuously get game invites or requests. Don’t bombard and annoy your friends. Ask them now and then for help and try to return the favor when you can. To help improve your popularity, create artbooks and movies and share them with your friends. The more friends who like them, the more popular your character will become. Write status updates, sign autographs, and remember to be positive and kind.

4. Be a good and likeable character

If your character is kind, thank people who helped him or her get to a higher level, and write positive status updates, you will draw more friends. People will want to be your friend when they like you because you are kind.

Remember that this is a game that should be fun. So, have fun and stay responsible!